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The SOPHIACI Modeling Module is a point-and-click web application which radically transforms the way your organization does model operations. 

The SOPHIACI Modeling Module is a model operations software that allows financial institutions to organize and run models in a centralized location.

The SOPHIACI Modeling Module is a web application which consists of a powerful analytics engine capable of running complex algorithms against large datasets on the backend with an intuitive and interactive user interface on the frontend.

This software provides users with a comprehensive, point and click solution for model operations, including model management, forecasting and analysis.

SOPHIACI Modeling Module Features

Model Inventory Management

  • Create and manage an organization-wide model inventory ​

​Forecasting Input Management​​

  • Centrally manage scenarios and portfolios for use in forecasting​

Forecasting and Model Runs

  • Create, schedule and run forecasts using a point and click, intuitive interface​

Visualization Tools

  • Easily drill into run results with dynamic visualizations and digital briefcases of each forecast​

Role-Based Access Control

  • SOPHIACI is easily configurable to create different environments with different levels of controls for your organization's need.​

Modeling Module Benefits



  • Web application interface for models, portfolios, scenarios, run management, run results  & reporting

  • Central registry & summary information for all models, portfolios, scenarios and runs

  • Normalization, economies of scale and control standardization across the enterprise

No need to wait for others to send you the results.

reduce risk.jpg


  • Reduce legal/compliance risk with centralized results and access to runs, models and scenarios

  • Powerful and dynamic reporting to easily visualize and digest model runs

  • Reduce key personnel risk

Redirect employees to analysis.



  • ​Reduce headcount needs & downstream fixes

  • Reduce technology costs - SOPHIACI is a Python-based solution

  • Eliminate operational errors

  • Improve financial outcomes with better decisioning

Reallocate spend to other priorities.



  • Improve model speed and analytics

  • Create highly integrated organizations 

  • Take advantage of models throughout your enterprise

  • No programming necessary

Let SOPHIACI radically improve your operations

How It Works

Model operations is a complicated, FTE-intense process which requires strong leadership, expertise and technical talent to get right.

Instead of deploying scores of FTE who may leave at any moment, transform those processes with SOPHIACI and make them better than ever.


Contact SOPHIACI and determine your use case


Work with the SOPHIACI team to map your models and data into the software


With assistance of the SOPHIACI team, install & customize web application, code and engine


After installation, everyone in your enterprise with access instantly becomes a potential analyst

Ready to Radically Improve Your Model Operations?

Get started by contacting our sales team.

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