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How It Works

SOPHIACI software is designed for easy implementation, broad-scale corporate adoption, and creates organization's with powerful centralized intelligence allowing for universal decentralized analytics .

With SOPHIACI, great analysis can come from anywhere in your organization.


Contact SOPHIACI and determine your use case


Work with the SOPHIACI team to map your data to our templates


With assistance of the SOPHIACI team, install & customize web application, code and engine


After installation, everyone in your enterprise with access instantly becomes a potential analyst

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Get Up & Running in No Time

After purchasing SOPHIACI, you will receive everything you need (templates, scripts, and documentation) to take advantage of all of the features of the software.
In addition, our implementation and customer success team will guide you through all of the steps to ensure the software is set-up and customized to your needs. 
To put it simply: even the most non-technical of teams will be able to have SOPHIACI up and running in a short time and be on to doing work that matters.

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