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A strong independent-minded you and me always makes a better we.


I had a terrific discussion with a friend about commodities. In that discussion I pointed out that by far, the most valuable commodity sits between the ears of people. The mind, as a commodity over an average life, is worth more than $3 million and carries an even greater derivative value via power through government.


Conceptually, most people understand this, but they don’t think about it. Simply put, people are far too busy processing outward information at levels never experienced before in history. Look around, people rarely unplug from the barrage of digital interference. Because people are not consciously processing the fact that almost every digital interaction is designed to procure a result, they unwittingly sell it out (the mind) to the highest bidder, whether that is purchasing the latest fad or cementing a view.


Pre-internet and newsroom consolidation, people largely did their own thinking or consumed a variety of views. Post internet, the thinking is mostly done by algorithms and power brokers attempting to plant flags in minds that are collectively worth trillions of dollars and control of government. Subscription models (lifetime customers) and your either with us or against us have exploded in pervasiveness. The world has become more polarized and in the context of fewer true decision makers, the outcome of polarization makes sense. 


Independent thinkers have opinions that fall on a spectrum and that are generally more balanced. When thinking is farmed out to fewer and fewer at a mostly subconscious level, a very polarizing outcome is not surprising.


Collectively we are better off when we think independently and are a bit more discerning. Generally, people have great instincts that have enabled a consistent improvement in quality and quantity of life over time. When thinking is farmed out to fewer and fewer, it will unfortunately be used to serve someone else’s good, not necessarily your good or the collective good. 

From a business perspective, SOHPHIACI is built on this foundation. SOPHIACI is designed to make information easy to access for anyone, enabling a variety of perspectives on the same information. Whether we come to the same conclusion or different conclusions, access to information gives us the ability to have fruitful discussion that eliminates the silos that almost always exist in business. Lack of access to important information ensures a business is not running optimally and it is the primary cause of failure.


As I was saying, A strong independent-minded you and me always makes a better we.

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