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We Need Each Other!

I would like to extend my absolute gratitude to everyone who has either responded to reach outs or done business with SOPHIACI & Xceed through the years.

My banking career began at GMAC/Ally where we transformed risk and analytics. I ventured out on my own to make a bigger impact. Anyone who has ventured out on their own understands that entrepreneurship is a completely different endeavor; you need people in a different way.

I have seen the graciousness of people I have never met and those I know, responding, and doing business with us and to those people, I am truly grateful.

Today, it is much tougher to separate the buzzwords from the buzz. Everyone has gotten good at buzzwords (perhaps social media and AI?), but the buzz is often lacking making it more difficult for people to sift through to authenticity and capability.

In any positive relationship everyone is better off than they otherwise would have been sans said relationship and that is precisely what makes life great. Thank you!

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