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Too Big to Fail?


Too Big to Fail?

Too big to fail = too big! One of the most important aspects of risk management is addressing issues before they become too big. Following that principle leaves only small problems.

The American economy needs small banks and credit unions to foster competition, present consumers with choice and to limit exposure to systematic failure.

Stay on top of issues before they become too big with SOPHIACI.

There is a two-part solution to ensure we do not have “too big to fail” systemic failure risks occurring:

1. Encourage competition. Small banks and credit unions ensure deposits are not too concentrated in too few entities. Our population is growing, and the number of banks is reducing which is not a favorable trend for risk mitigation.

2. Give Banking leadership transparency to numbers. Banking is both complicated and simple. It is complicated because there are countless numbers coming from a variety of places with systems conceived by people who have not “been there, done that.” It is easy because done right, the business can be on autopilot with numbers guiding leadership through any number of scenarios.

Banking is a numbers-based business. Inefficient tracking of those numbers from disconnected originations, servicing, and other internal systems makes it hard for everyone. Workers downstream of these systems are ill-equipped to patch these deficiencies and are in survival mode, punching in/punching out each morning/evening.

Most top talent escapes the trappings of these poorly conceived capabilities leaving only the most thick-skinned behind to barely survive another day. Progress is the promise that never becomes a reality. This leaves banking leadership looking at numbers they cannot count on.

SOPHIACI brings transparency and availability to modeling, data and reporting enabling leadership and employees to stay one step ahead. This leaves banking leadership looking at numbers they can count while making decisions people can believe in.

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